Friday, November 12, 2010

FINALLY....It's Friday

The best day of the week! My mother and step-father are coming to visit this weekend, and we are looking forward to having them here.

I have one page to share with you today. It's rather a silly page that kind of made itself as I was playing around with the kit.   I used Cabaret from Bisontine.  I also received a Gallery Standout at DigiShopTalk so someone else appreciated my silliness.

On another note, I generally send out an email on Fridays that features orphans waiting for homes around the world and here in the United States. Many of these children have disabilities or medical conditions that will consign them to mental institutions for the rest of their lives if not adopted. My heart is so saddened and touched by these children and their stories.  As adoption is not possible for my family, I try to at least raise awareness - hoping that it will make a difference somehow to these children.

I've shown a couple of the children and their information below.  If you'd like to receive my email, please just let me know.

The first two children below are HIV positive.  Children with HIV can live long happy lives, and their HIV can be managed.  The United States now permits HIV positive children to be brought into the country, and  Project Hopeful has made it its mission to help families wishing to adopt these children.

Dillon is a sweet 4 year old boy who was born HIV+.   He is blessed to live in a very nice orphanage, and so badly wants a mama and papa of his own.

Date of Birth: June 2009
Gender: Female

You can find out more about these children at Reeces Rainbow.

This little girl has completely captured my heart. Look at those sparkly eyes.  Because she is over the age of four, she is already living in a mental institution and will spend the rest of her life there if not adopted.

Girl, Born June 14, 2006
Vika has brown hair and hazel eyes!   She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and she does have some strabismus that could be corrceted with surgery.  She is able to walk on her own.   She is able to feed herself, sit upright, and engage with the other children.  She is doing well and will be so blessed to find a family!    From an adoptive family who visited with her in June 2010:  "I did want to let you know that we met her.  She was in the group with Nina and Varvara.  She is precious.  I know that you just recently got updates on all the kiddos at 19, but Vika can walk.  She appeared that she just learned how to walk, but she was walking all over the place.  We called her twinkle toes, because we didn't know her name and she walked on her tip toes.  She is very out going and loves people.  Every time we would visit the girls, she would be the first to come up to us.  She loves to dance.  Noah would take her by the hands and twirl her around.  She is very special to us.  She does need a family that can give her special attention.  I think with the love of a family and some one-on-one attention, she will blossom.  I hope that this little bit of info will help a family that is leaning towards adopting Vika.  She has so much love to give and she will thrive from the love of a family of her own. "


You can find out more about Vika here:  Reeces Rainbow.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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