Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Pictures to Share

Hope you all had fantastic weekends!

For Siamese Studio: Clear Day and Kashmir Nights.  The first one is a scraplift of Carolee's Toy Story Maniacs.

For Veronica Spriggs: Spring Time Romance Paper Pack and Sentiments

These two are for Raspberry Road:  Heaven Sent and Sweet Pea

This was made for AnnaBV. I guested for her this month at Scrap Orchard.

The next three I made were just for fun.

This is my Art Journal Page for the Week- word "Amuse"

Have a great day!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Ashton's Romance: Blog Train!

If you're looking for By Becca's blog train with Ashton's Romance, you've come to the right place!

Ashton's Romance is a gorgeous new kit from By Becca - full of delicate elements, highly textured papers and a complete alphabet.   It truly is a BEAUTIFUL kit and I urge you to check it out, along with the CT pages posted here at 9th and Bloom.

Becca is also offering several add on kits in different colors so that you can better match your own wedding colors if you wish! For a PERFECT match, check out Becca's Personal Romance option, where the elements are matched exactly to your wedding colors.

You can see the rose add on here

You can also find the amethyst add on here and the champagne add on hereYou also don't want to forget to check out Becca's Personal Romance offer.

Here's a couple of pages I've made with the kit.  As you can see, Ashton's Romance works not only for weddings but also for baby pages!

Finally, Amanda has made some AMAZING templates to go with Ashton's Romance! Check them out right here; they are elegant and perfect for use with this kit!

Ok, I've made you read long enough! I know you're looking for the promised freebie which can be downloaded directly here. (Please note that the paper is not included with the cluster.) 

Your next stop on the blog train is at Nancy's blog. She has an amazing cluster waiting for you so hurry on over! If you get lost, head on back to Becca's blog to see the full list.  Please remember that Becca's CT are in many different time zones so check back if a link is not yet active!  All links should be up and running by 9 am EST.  (I'm a bit early this morning!)

Before you go, take a quick look at my pages from three newly released kits at 9th and Bloom by Designs by Helly:


Be the Light

and You and Me

Thanks for looking and have a fantastic Friday!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

For those of you that have no work or school today for President's Day- enjoy!  My kids are home, and Troy is out golfing.  It's lovely weather outside; too bad I'm inside on the 17th floor!

A few layouts from this weekend:

These are all from Designs by Helly:

From An Enchanted Evening

From A Stormy Sea

From With Every Breath

From Dreaming of Camelot

This layout is from Legend Hunter from Creative Victorian Designs

And finally- my art journal page for today. Key word was "wonder":

Enjoy your week!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drive By Post With a Few Layouts

I've been sick this week and so not accomplishing a whole lot. I was home from work yesterday and slept until almost 1 pm!!! Hopefully I will start feeling better soon. :)  Too much to do not to feel better!

I have a few layouts from this week to share:

Sweet Maya - made with Smitten by Scrapbookgraphics:

My dear godson, Liam, made with Captain of the Bathtub from AnnaBV Designs:

Silly Girl with Alice from Studio RA and Digital Reality

Finally my kiddos with Stormy Sea from Designs by Helly

Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're Prayer Warriors for Andy

Andy was born on February 5, 2006. His mother refused him at birth and the father was unknown.  Andy's special need is that he has HIV. 

HIV is absolutely manageable these days.  As one mom with an HIV positive child has said, she actually goes for days without remembering that her child has HIV.  The medication therapy is so good that the RNA levels typically become undetectable- and there is not a SINGLE case of HIV being spread through household contact of family living.

So- what's a prayer warrior anyway?  

From Reece's Rainbow:   We ask for a full commitment at least until your child finds a committed family!!  You are asked to lift that child up in prayer DAILY: that God will provide for their daily needs, that God will prepare a family for that child, and for the work of Reece's Rainbow as a whole. You can follow the progress of your child by watching the website for new matches, and following along with new family FSP profiles and blogs.  Any changes in your child's status will be relayed to you promptly!  E-mail updates will sent out to each prayer warrior weekly updating you as a group about which children have homes and any pressing prayer needs.  They would also be able to request information on another child to pray for them.  Weekly inspirational e-mails will also encourage Prayer Warriors to get the word out about RR and the Prayer Warrior ministry to their communities and churches.

I talked with the kids about committing to pray for a child and they were very excited to be involved!
We will be lifting Andy up in our prayers daily from now on- and we ask that you join us too.   I will also be advocating for Andy.  If you have a facebook page or a blog and would be willing to place his picture on it, please let me know!!!! His family must be out here somewhere!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Won't You Stand Up?

I was listening to our new album from Sugarland this weekend, and this song really caught my attention. The lyrics (from Sugarland- the Incredible Machine) are as follows:

All the lonely people cryin'
It could change if we just get started
Light the darkness, light a fire
For the silent and the broken hearted

Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up 
Won't you stand up you girls and boys?

Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won't you stand up and use your voice?

There's a comfort
There's healing
High above the pain and sorrow
Change is coming
Can you feel it?
Calling us into a new tomorrow

Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won't you stand up you girls and boys
Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won't you stand up and use your voice?

When the walls fall all around you
When your hope has turned to dust
Let the sound of love surround you
Beat like a heart in each of us

Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won't you stand up you girls and boys?

Won't you stand up
Stand Up
Stand Up
Won't you stand up and use your voice?

And a few layouts from the weekend

From AnnaBV designs- (I'm guesting this month)- a picture of my darling Anne

Rebecca at age 3- from Raspberry Road's Whoo Loves You

And 2 from Obsession from Veronica Spriggs and ViVa Artistry- my sister on her wedding day and me on mine.

Have a great week!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Today I give thanks for the many MANY blessings I have in my life - including all of you.  Truthfully, I am rich beyond measure- not only with the material things in my life, but most especially with the love and caring I have known since birth.  My children are equally blessed, never having known a moment of hunger or deprivation.

Many children cannot say the same. Today I want to focus on a little girl named Vera, Sasha and Niko, the two boys who were to be her brothers. All three children had a committed family who was to have met and adopted them last week.  We do not know what happened, but the family inexplicably changed their minds after traveling oversears and Vera and these two boys are now headed towards lives of institutionalization. Unfortunately, the family actually met Vera and she had been told that they were her new mother and father. They left the country before even meeting Sasha and Niko.

Other families HAVE met Vera and can give more information about her if anyone has interest! She is reportedly a charming little girl who is able to walk with help-even with the little medical care she currently has. 

This is Vera. She has a mild case of CP but will remain in an institution for life unless adopted.

blog has been created to raise awareness and funds for Vera, Sasha and Niko. I realize that many (if not most) of you are not in a position to adopt or to donate. However, passing along the story of these children can do nothing but help them. Please take a moment to tell your friends and family or post a link to their blog on facebook. Prayers never go to waste either!     Additional information about Vera can be found here. A grant of over $3000 is already available for her adoption.

Meet Sasha who will soon be six and has already been transferred. (Clicking Sasha's name will take you to Reece's Rainbow where you can find more information about Sasha.)

This is  Niko. Niko just turned six and living in the same institution as Sasha.

Have a wonderful- thoughtful- Thursday.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a quick post

to give you a link to a freebie I made this weekend for Raspberry Road. (Paper not included)

And of course, I have to show off my beautiful niece!

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Couple More Pictures from the Week

Not much to say today. My heart is kind of heavy.

Made for the Creative Victorian Designs CT Challenge:

 For Veronica Spriggs

For Carena's Designs


Two new ones for Designs by Helly's with a couple of older kits:

From Give Me Wings

from You and Me

Have a great day.