Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're Prayer Warriors for Andy

Andy was born on February 5, 2006. His mother refused him at birth and the father was unknown.  Andy's special need is that he has HIV. 

HIV is absolutely manageable these days.  As one mom with an HIV positive child has said, she actually goes for days without remembering that her child has HIV.  The medication therapy is so good that the RNA levels typically become undetectable- and there is not a SINGLE case of HIV being spread through household contact of family living.

So- what's a prayer warrior anyway?  

From Reece's Rainbow:   We ask for a full commitment at least until your child finds a committed family!!  You are asked to lift that child up in prayer DAILY: that God will provide for their daily needs, that God will prepare a family for that child, and for the work of Reece's Rainbow as a whole. You can follow the progress of your child by watching the website for new matches, and following along with new family FSP profiles and blogs.  Any changes in your child's status will be relayed to you promptly!  E-mail updates will sent out to each prayer warrior weekly updating you as a group about which children have homes and any pressing prayer needs.  They would also be able to request information on another child to pray for them.  Weekly inspirational e-mails will also encourage Prayer Warriors to get the word out about RR and the Prayer Warrior ministry to their communities and churches.

I talked with the kids about committing to pray for a child and they were very excited to be involved!
We will be lifting Andy up in our prayers daily from now on- and we ask that you join us too.   I will also be advocating for Andy.  If you have a facebook page or a blog and would be willing to place his picture on it, please let me know!!!! His family must be out here somewhere!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


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