Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Today I give thanks for the many MANY blessings I have in my life - including all of you.  Truthfully, I am rich beyond measure- not only with the material things in my life, but most especially with the love and caring I have known since birth.  My children are equally blessed, never having known a moment of hunger or deprivation.

Many children cannot say the same. Today I want to focus on a little girl named Vera, Sasha and Niko, the two boys who were to be her brothers. All three children had a committed family who was to have met and adopted them last week.  We do not know what happened, but the family inexplicably changed their minds after traveling oversears and Vera and these two boys are now headed towards lives of institutionalization. Unfortunately, the family actually met Vera and she had been told that they were her new mother and father. They left the country before even meeting Sasha and Niko.

Other families HAVE met Vera and can give more information about her if anyone has interest! She is reportedly a charming little girl who is able to walk with help-even with the little medical care she currently has. 

This is Vera. She has a mild case of CP but will remain in an institution for life unless adopted.

blog has been created to raise awareness and funds for Vera, Sasha and Niko. I realize that many (if not most) of you are not in a position to adopt or to donate. However, passing along the story of these children can do nothing but help them. Please take a moment to tell your friends and family or post a link to their blog on facebook. Prayers never go to waste either!     Additional information about Vera can be found here. A grant of over $3000 is already available for her adoption.

Meet Sasha who will soon be six and has already been transferred. (Clicking Sasha's name will take you to Reece's Rainbow where you can find more information about Sasha.)

This is  Niko. Niko just turned six and living in the same institution as Sasha.

Have a wonderful- thoughtful- Thursday.


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  1. Thank you for advocating for Vera! An anonymous donor donated $15,000 to Vera. Does anyone know if this will be able to returned to Vera's RR account?