Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Couple More Pictures from the Week

Not much to say today. My heart is kind of heavy.

Made for the Creative Victorian Designs CT Challenge:

 For Veronica Spriggs

For Carena's Designs


Two new ones for Designs by Helly's with a couple of older kits:

From Give Me Wings

from You and Me

Have a great day.


  1. Love the "give me wings" page and the first one of your kiddos. Jennifer, this really is such a special gift to your family that you use your talent to preserve such wonderful memories. I of course love the page of my love bug too! :)

  2. Wow, you are SOOOO talented! I tried regular scrapbooking, and I invested so much money years ago to the cause....... Yeah, guess what, nothing ever came of it! ;) I'd love to do it again. And, now, I have so many photos of the kids on the computer, but I rarely print them out since I share them on Facebook or our blog. I think there's so much going on that I'm not thinking "memory books" right now, but I hope I can get back into it eventually.

    I removed the post for a lot of reasons... I've gotten some negative comments (of course they're usually anonymous- those cowards!:), but I try to remove them because I don't need depressing cr-p on my blog, which is supposed to be a safe space. But, it also had to do with judgments and commentators fighting amongst themselves about what WE should do. It's pretty lame!

    Anyway, glad to meet another tall, English-loving (as in the school subject!), special needs mom!!

    xoxo, Kari :)