Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Home for Andy

Take a look at this little face.

Meet Andy, a four year old orphan in Russia.  His mother refused him when he was born, and he has therefore spent his entire life in an orphanage. Andy does have a special need. He is HIV positive.
The fact is that HIV is NOT highly contagious.  And there are NO known cases of the disease being transmitted with normal household contact. Please take a look at some  information about the "truth" of living with a child with HIV here:

Project Hopeful

Hosford Family- Life With a Child with HIV

Positively Adopted

You can find out more about Andy here.  If Andy isn't adopted, his future is very bleak.  Although Andy has good medical care now, orphans with HIV often don’t survive when transferred out of the "baby house."
Some institutions for older children do not continue with ARV therapies.  If Andy does survive and ages out of the institution, he will likely end up on the streets due to the stigma of his condition.

Andy is just four.

If Andy isn't your child, please consider telling a friend about him. This little guy so needs a home- and lots of love. We pray every night in our family that Andy finds a family and stays healthy.  If those prayers could come true- what a miracle it would be!


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